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Competitive procedure №356248
Procedure subject
Information technologies, communications
Procedure parameters:
Создание корпоративного сайта-визитки Амурского газохимического комплекса (Амурского ГХК)

Lot #1. Создание корпоративного сайт-визитки Амурского газохимического комплекса (Амурского ГХК)

Procedure type:
Request for proposal (RFP)

Note for users:
the term "request for proposals" on this B2B portal not an equivalent to the term "request for proposals" under the laws of the Russian Federation in the field of procurement of goods, works and services for certain kinds of legal entities.
Procedure description:
Opened, single stage
Sibur, LLC
Date of announcement:
04.12.2019 11:41
Date closed:
10.01.2020 10:45
Delivery terms (for works):
Мулькова Анна Владимировна 8 914 574 0426
Requirements for participants:
- Участник является непосредственным изготовителем конечного продукта;
- Наличие учредительных документов на ведение данного вида деятельности;
- Опыт работы по направлению;
- Наличие в портфолио образцов продукции (указание фирм заказчиков).
Additional refunding bid securities:
Requirements for formatting requests:

- Предложение содержит концепт/концепты по дизайну сайта;
- Смету;
- Портфолио.
Selection of the winner. Decision criteria:
Price without VAT
Bids opening date:
19.12.2019 11:00
Winner of competition:
Participant whose application takes first place in the list of preference, ranked by priority, recognized as the winner. Evaluation criteria set forth in the Documentation of the procurement used for determining the winners of competitive procedures . Organizer of competitive procedures sends notice of acceptance of its winner in a timely way. If the winner of a competitive procedure abjudicates to sign the contract, the right of conclusion of a contract which was the subject of competitive procedures, the organizer has the right to enter into a contract with the bidder runner-up, then - the third and so on
Rebidding procedure:
The organizer has the right of conduction rebidding procedure during overall compatitive procedure
Additional information:
Address of delivery (goods, works or services):
Сибур, ООО Москва ул. Кржижановского, д. 16, корп. 1
Date of the last editing:
10.01.2020 10:45
*For participation in competitive procedures, please contact persons, mentioned in the procedural card. Procedural Documents are available for downloading only for registered users of the portal B2B. Registration
Requests clarification (total: 7)
Applicants for participation in the competitive process (total: 5 among 5)
Organization Is invited Status Application
ООО "АКОНА.ру" - Participating
10.12.2019 (Lot # 1)
ООО "АйТи-бюро "Зебра" - Participating
18.12.2019 (Lot # 1)
ООО «Интернет-агентство Р52.РУ» - Participating
17.12.2019 (Lot # 1)
ООО «ЭИР Продакшн» - Participating
04.12.2019 (Lot # 1)
Текарт - Participating
17.12.2019 (Lot # 1)
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